“I shall sing you the Life of the Mind”

-High Priest of the Ainur

Welcome to your homepage for the quest of the Quendias. Here you will find many useful links including maps, quest summaries, information on the world as we know it, and possibly a few clues to riddles and mysteries that visit us from time to time. Look under the wiki pages of shops from each town to get updated info on merchandise currently stocked and any special deliveries that you may have requests for. Feel free to explore the site and post any comments to the comments section, in game or out of game questions and or answers (the forum tab is closed to us for the time being). Also, if you wish to make a page for your own character, including backstory, inventory, interests, relationship status, etc. just click on the my profile button in the top right corner, select characters, and then create new. Be sure to select the Quendias as the campaign so we can all see your pages!

The Quendias